Saturday, January 15, 2011

"When you know that all the work and trouble, hours of transport, potty training, interviewing countless potential has all paid off and another dog has found their forever home. "

NOTE:  Glory went on a 2 day transport from Laramie, WY to Quincy, WA.  She met up with 14 drivers, traveling through WY, UT, ID, OR and WA.

A LOT of our transport volunteers helped us move "Glory" from the Laramie Peak Humane Society to Quincy, WA (my home) last summer. Glory is a French Britt mix who was found wandering the streets of Douglas, WY and was picked up by animal control. Susan G. and Linda L. saw Glory on the shelter's petfinder website and asked if we could take her.

Nancy W. arranged a transport that had to be postponed because Glory contracted a bacterial infection that needed to be treated, and they wouldn't release her until she was spayed. So three weeks later, Nancy set up another transport which was very involved, to get her moved all the way from Douglas to E. Washington state where Linda L. would foster her. 

Glory had a bit of a "new dog" and "new people" fears, so her foster mom, Linda, had her for quite a while as a foster dog to work with Glory. Her adopters, Bebe and Dick, have continued her training and as one can see from the pictures, she is very well loved. She is the black and white dog with the party hat. She lives with her family on one of the islands off Seattle, with two fur-siblings and lots of toys and love. 

Glory has her own "fan club", from the folks at Laramie Peak, WY, where she had become quite a pet during her protracted stay there, to all the drivers who helped Glory to WA.  Many of these compassionate people did email to say how much they loved her, in their brief contact with her, and what a special girl she is. One considered adopting her, but she did need some work before she was ready to be adopted as she had not had much discipline before she came to her foster family.

Linda, Glory's foster mom wrote:  "We changed her name to "Allie" and she was one of those foster dogs we'll never forget. She wormed her way into our hearts so much that it was difficult for my husband and I to give her up. I was happy to find such great adopters as Bebe and Dick, who sat with me and cried in the North Bend Mall parking lot on the day that I delivered her to them, tears of joy because she was exactly the dog they had been looking for and exactly the adopters I needed for this dog. That is when you know that all the work and trouble, hours of transport, potty training, interviewing countless potential has all paid off and another dog has found their forever home. Then, to get pictures and follow up emails from Bebe and Dick, showing me how happy she is, that's what keeps us going. The photo of Bebe holding Allie in her arms, it makes me so happy."

AND from Allie's Adopting Family:
"To know that she has touched so many lives reconfirms my belief that she’s angel in a doggy suit!!!!

From the Transporters, to the Foster families – and Laramie Peak Human Society – you are ALL angels. I can’t imagine how “Allie” ended up on the street, but I’m so thankful for all of you rescuing an absolutely wonderful furry friend. She has brought so much joy to us in these 3 mos – especially to our 13yr old Golden (who we thought was on her last “season”). Allie plays so gently with her – constantly – it’s amazing. Our other Brittany mix TOLERATED her initially, but even she sees what a special girl Allie is.

Thanks for your love and dedication. May you continue to feel the blessing in doing your good work. WE certainly have been blessed.


Bebe, Dick, Maggie, Penny & Allie

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