Friday, January 7, 2011

Filson - A Very Special Name for a Very Special Brittany

NOTE:  Filson's new family were so excited to adopt him that his new family drove from Georgia to Ohio to meet him and take him home.


Filson was just 2 to 3 years old when he came to rescue from KY and fostered in Ohio.

He not only had heartworms, but when the Vet took X- rays they found 25 pieces of buckshot in his chest which explained the missing part of his ear and his broken tooth.

His foster chose a very special name for him. The name comes from Filson Clothing. The makers of outdoor gear, famous for their "Double Tin" pants and coats. They supplied the Klondike gold rush folks.

It is the toughest clothing I have ever worn, and have never worn any out yet after many years of use. From the condition of this little guy he has been through some tough stuff, yet he has not lost one ounce of his Britt characteristics - Loving, happy, and really wants to please.

The Filson motto is "YOU MIGHT AS WELL HAVE THE BEST". In spite of all he has been through he is the best! Any family would be lucky to have him.

Filson's ADOPTING FAMILY shares:

Joe and Family,

Merry Christmas! Filson is a such a blessing. He has become the most wonderful dog. However, he is quite the escape artist. We have no idea how he is getting out of his crate. It's kind of amazing. 

Everyone that meets Filson falls in love with him, including my parent who aren't dog people. They told us that if anything ever happened to Thomas and myself they would take him in and we would never have to worry. The rest of my family wanted to know how we ended up with such a great rescue. I told them he had a great foster family that helped him recover and he's a Brittany, it's in his blood! 

He loves going for rides in the car. Especially when we go hiking, to Paws in the City (where we get his dog food and they spoil him with treats) or Starbucks where they give him a cup of whip-cream! 

His training is going great! He is progressing to Canine Good Citizen classes in January and Therapy dog classes after that. We thought he would be a great therapy dog because he always makes people smile, has a calm disposition, and a great story of hope. He overcame illnesses and injuries. 

He is great at cuddling and sleeps next to Thomas every night. He never runs off when we are outside and follows right behind when hiking! We couldn't of found a better dog! Thank you for all you did for him! 

Below are a few pictures of our recent excursions! We took the dogs to see Santa! 

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  1. Another chance to say I am SO happy you've started this blog!!!

    BTW, our post for Thursday included Brandy and her two pups from December 2009 -

    Lots of Khyra's pals enjoyed seeing them as pups and then all grown up!

    P.S. Sorry I couldn't drive for you this weekend but I already had a commitment for The Xterra!