Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Transformation of Abby

Abby at her overnight home...sad and confused.

NOTE:  Abby went on transport in May 2010, from Indianapolis to Vermont.  Her family could no longer care for her, so Abby found her way to NBRAN.

You`ve gotta love Abby`s smile. Not very long ago, Abby did not have much to smile about.

You see, Abby was surrendered from a home where she was once very much loved, but times turned hard. Abby’s was in need of a lot of dental care, and because her teeth hurt her, she wouldn’t each much. As a result, she was very much underweight.

Abby was very much confused and lost when she went on transport to her foster home in VT. All the drivers did their best to comfort Abby & try to reassure her that her life was going to be better. We all felt Abby’s sadness.

When she first arrived in her foster home, Abby’s foster mom thought she was deaf because she would avoid people. It took time for Abby to grieve over losing her first family & realize that she landed in a better place. 

Abby went to the vet for dental care – and had a dozen rotting or infected teeth pulled. Now she has many reasons to smile, and she loves having her teeth brushed!

"LOOK MOM!  No cavities!"

With the love of her foster mom, Abby became stronger and healthier each passing day. She gained 10 lbs, bringing her weight to a healthy 37 lbs. But even more remarkable was her transformation from a sad girl to a happy 12 year old senior with a bouncy young spirit and lots of energy. There are times when she tears around the house, chasing her teddy bear or snatching a rawhide strip and simply jumping for joy. 
Abby is thriving in her foster home.  Senior dogs are hidden gems!


  1. Awwwww, that's Dear Abby! Can you imagine how painful those teeth were? Now she has a goofy grin, making her even more adorable. What a joy it was to have my vet tell me that Abby's weight is perfect now. And her energy is higher than my two boy dogs who are much younger than she!

  2. Abby is one beautiful, sweet, and lucky girl!