Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bugsey ... Enjoying the Good Life!

NOTE:  Bugsey was sprung from a shelter in Florida, where he stayed with Janice for several weeks before going on transport to his foster family in the New England area.  

Janice (his Florida foster mom) writes:

I am sending you this on "Bugsey". I was so pleased with everyone who helped drive him to NH and gave him TLC along the way. There are not many pictures of him on the trip but some beautiful ones at his new foster. He is doing great and it makes me sooooooooooo Happy that everyone helped get him to where he needed to be.

Bugsey had been abused to where he had marks on his neck from a shock collar and that he was scared to death of loud noises and also would not come up to you to be petted other than when in the house. He was beginning to turn around some when he left for NH and Katherine and Kevin say he is doing very well there! He loves the kitty and also Violet their Rottweiler!

I would love to give a big hug to all who helped him and since I can not do that I want to say THANK YOU!!!! (Oh and I have finally quit crying.... most of the time )

I have pictures of him on my facebook for anyone to see.... here is the link....
New home in NH
trip to NH
With me

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