Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally Home! Case's Journey from AL to MD

NOTE:  Case traveled from Madison, AL to Potomac, MD on Nov 6 & 7, 2010.  He traveled from AL to Huber Heights, OH, where he met up with 4 other brittanys for a Saturday night bed 'n biscuit in Columbus OH.  On Sunday he travelled with another dog across the PA turnpike to meet his new family!  All in all, a dozen drivers helped Case home!
Case's family wrote about his arrival:

Hi All:

Case's new mom here. We just got our boy home and he seems a bit road weary. We let him run around and stretch his legs in the back yard for a while. Now he's inside laying on the couch and watching football with my Britt, my cat, my husband and I. He seems to be exhausted and a bit shy, but all is good. He's new and this whole transport/relocation thing would be overwhelming for most dogs.

The good news is he's here, safe and sound. I wish to thank all of you who make this possible for us. It's an incredible network of good-hearted selfless people who allowed this to happen. And behalf of all of the "new furparents" we thank each and every one of you for your part.
I hope I can do this for someone else soon. It's such a touching thing to have so many good souls looking out for your new baby. Thank you all so very much (Nancy [Walker, the transport coordinator], you get extra special appreciation for what seems like it must be almost a full time job)! 

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