Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Leif - Update from His New Home

NOTE:  Leif traveled from OH to Prince Edward Island, Canada.  His family crossed the US-Canadian border in Maine, and drove 500 miles (round trip) to adopt him.

Here's an update from his Forever Mom:

Good Evening,

I would like to thank all of you for your help in rescuing, caring for and transporting Leif. He arrived on Prince Edward Island Sunday night at 11:30 pm. The resident cat “Kenney”, and Brittany “Pete”, greeted him with open paws at the door, and welcomed him to his new home on the island. The introductions went famously with not even a bark , whine or growl from any of them. Since Leif does not have a tail, not even a stub (any comments on that?) his entire bum wiggled when he greeted the gang. Best friends from the start! Pete was equally as happy that his new brother arrived with a new tennis ball, his absolute favourite, and to be honest was just as excited about this as he was to have a new friend, LOL. Too funny.

He has settled in well and aside from the expected adjustment issues there is nothing we cannot work with using positive reinforcement training. He joined us on our regular 5 km (often 10 km) walk/run on Monday and today. Every time Pete would point (which he does at just about everything, LOL) Leif got very excited. With time I hope he will be able to run off leash with Pete on our trail walks/runs. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful trail system (no motorized vehicles permitted) on the island. It is a great place to exercise dogs.

Leif is also enjoying raiding the doggie toy box. Pete is an ungrateful Britt :) and constantly empties it out but never quite finds the perfect toy. I guess that is his way of telling me he wants new stuff! However Leif thinks the toys are just wonderful and is having a blast discovering all the new (to him) treasures. Maybe Pete will learn something from this!

Kenney the cat is pretty cool with all animals that enter our home and Leif is no exception. It is like he has always lived here. Leif sniffs Kenney and Kenney talks to him and rubs up against him, I couldn’t ask for better than that.

I have attached a picture of the boys relaxing on their beds. Life is good!

Thanks again for your dedication and compassion. Please continue your good work!


P.S. The boys just finished a very entertaining wrestling match and although Pete has 20 pounds on Leif and is about 4 inches taller...Leif certainly held his own! Way to go Leif, Petey plays rough :)


  1. Once again, another great tale about how tails - and 'no tails' - find furever happiness!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I had lots of tennis balls including a few new ones at my house. My two border collies like basketballs more and my other brittany is to busy hunting varmints in the backyard. So, I have a lot of relatively new tennis balls.

    When I overnighted Leif, it was wonderful to see him play readily and enthusiastically with me and the tennis balls in my backyard.

    So, when it was time to give him up - which was tough, he's a wondeful dog - I had to give him one of those new tennis balls.

  3. He is such a sweet boy! Congrats, Merry Christmas and PEI is on my dream list to visit. All the best, we had such a good time with him and he was such a good guest.